Mar 18

Bird in the cabin

Recently I had a United  flight from Dulles, VA to San Francisco, CA and the boarding started on time and when half of the first part of boarding group 1 had walked into the airplane, the entire boarding stopped abruptly. All the crew ran away from their boarding control terminal and into the air gate. After about 15 minutes one United lady came out and said the flight will be delayed due to a bird flying around in the airplane. This is the only time I have ever heard United passenger laugh loud when the flight delay was announced. about 30 minutes delayed, the flight was off to San Francisco.


Birds are usually outside of the airplane, but according to FAA regulations, birds cannot hitch a ride with a United airlines flying machine

According to FAA regulations, birds cannot hitch a ride with a United airlines flying machine

Jul 11

United business lounge personnel knowledge…

This week I was in line to get into United’s business lounge in San Francisco and a fellow 1K member was denied access as he was flying EVA air and the lounge personnel claimed EVA was not part of the Star Alliance Gold program. Poor training of United personnel is a normal issue 1K travelers face that makes traveling suck.


EVA in Star Alliance

Apr 11

United’s explanation for how to know if a plane has WiFi

…….. the feedback from United about how to determine whether the United flight has WiFi or not is to wait for the plane to reach 10,000 feet and wait for the announcement……

“Thank you for contacting Customer Care and for being a loyal member of MileagePlus since 2002.

United Wi-Fi is now available on board select aircraft, and we plan to equip approximately 25 more aircraft with Wi-Fi each month.  I regret to hear that on your flight from San Francisco to Seoul on April 8, 2013, your flight had not yet been equipped with the Wi-Fi service, contrary to the sign displayed upon entering the aircraft.

To determine if a flight offers United Wi-Fi, you can check the Inflight Amenities tab on the Flight Status & Information page for an upcoming flight, look for the Wi-Fi logo on the side of the plane as you board or listen for the announcement by your flight crew once your flight has reached 10,000 feet. United Wi-Fi pricing will vary based on the length of the flight. MileagePlus members signed into their account can switch their service between multiple devices.”

Apr 10

United flights with……..out WiFi

On my last flight in early April from San Francisco to South Korea I noticed the “WiFi” sign on the entrance door the dirt old 747 airplane with ash trays right next to the entrance door. I asked a crew member whether they had WiFi on the flight, and they confirmed that was the case. I can definitely say that there is absolutely NOT WiFi on any United airplanes. I ran out of battery on my iPad and Samsung phone scanning for a WiFi. But, at least United airlines have some beautiful stickers at the entrance door that reads “WiFi” and that is at least a step in the right direction.

United Without WiFi


Apr 02

Flight crew interrupting the in flight movie

There is nothing more frustrating when you are in the middle of a great movie and the flight attendants start talking about the upcoming meal and how great of a flight we are about to experience…..when the movie keeps playing but the only sound is the annoying speech from the crew. Not only do they do this speech again, but as soon as you get some few more lines into the movie, they keep repeating the same message in all the other languages that could possibly be spoken on such a flight. And all this talking is being done while the movie keeps playing with no sound. Once I told a male flight attendant and he said they always pause the movie when they give announcements. But the truth is, that only when the captain is giving announcements is the movie paused, not when the flight crew gives announcement. I wonder when United Airlines will stop such an annoying practice; I have lost so many great points in so many movie aboard my United flight……and nope, the flight was not that great as the crew had predicted.


Movie interupted by Flight attendant

Mar 25

Solaseed comfortable low cost airplanes

United airlines is not known for buying new planes for their high paying customers, but many low cost airlines are. Solaseed Airlines is a low cost airline that has purchased the very latest and greatest Boeing 737 with LED lighting and comfortable economy class seats. They fly between Tokyo and the southern Japanese island Kyushu. When will United live replace their decades old uncomfortable  airplanes?

Solarseed air

Mar 23

United flying ancient 747 planes

To save money United airlines is well known for flying old air planes and letting their customers suffer. But that there are still airlines out there that are flying the old airplanes with ash trays is hard to believe. Smoking was made illegal in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan which means the airplanes United are flying have to be at least 25 years old.

Ash trays on United Airlines

Ash trays on United Airlines

Mar 21

When flying sucks……literally!!!

Airplane lavatories are mostly of the type “vacuum flush” technology to eliminate odor and the blue liquid residue that was common at the old airplanes. United airlines still fly some of their old 757 that still carry the old “blue liquid flush” toilets. However, vacuum can in some instances be a hazard in itself. The Swedish news paper Aftonbladet published January 21st, 2002 a story of an American woman on board a flight from Scandinavia to New York who went to the toilet, and flushed before she got off the toilet. The vacuum sucked her to the airplane toilet and she was stuck for many hours. SAS spokesperson Siv Meisingseth said that “it was impossible to get her off the toilet. Our technicians in New York managed to finally get her off the vacuum toilet”.

Woman Sucked Stuck at Airplane Toilet



Oct 15

Airbus 340 Toilet Downstairs

Airbus 340 is by far the airplane with the best toilets. In business class you have a window and can watch the rest of the world while doing………the necessary stuff. And in economy class you have to walk downstairs below deck to get to some rather large bathroom stalls. Feels almost like being in a restaurant.


Apr 16

LAX sunset

Sunset over LAX; these silent beautiful moments are rare when traveling

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